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Telephone: 100-000-1000
Facsimile: 000-80001000
Address: Jiangsu Province Nanjing spark road software building A place
Contact person: Li three
Rainbow pencil consultation hot line:
Shanghai: 13006000000 three
Hubei: 13900000005 kings five
Zhejiang: 19 000100000 Li four
Shenzhen: 13020000002 Liu three
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Tel: +86 512-58661500, Fax: +86 512-58667696
Mobile/Whatsapp: +86 13063731238
Contact person: 
Mr. shao
Email:  sales01@futureboiler.com 
Country/Area: China/Jiangsu
Factory Add: Cross of Leyu Viliage and Qingfeng, Zhangjiagang
Post code:
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