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What Kind of Boilers Will Be Used In The Laundry Industry

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An enclosed vessel in which we use the high-temperature liquid for multiple purposes is known as a boiler. The liquid used in the boiler is a source of steam production, and this steam is later on used for numerous purposes of our daily lives. It is difficult to narrow down the use of boiler in a single word as it has application in almost every industry. Some basic uses of the steam produced by boiler are water heating, central heating, power generation, cooking, and sanitization. Further; there is a wide application of boilers in the laundry industry.

types of boilers

Types of Boilers

Boilers are a source of energy and use a different type of liquids, fluids and fuels for heat production. As the boilers have application in almost every industry, therefore; there are multiple types of boilers.

1. Water-Tube Boilers

In this type of boiler, water is stored in the internal structure of the tube, and the combustion gases are passed around the water through the outer structure. If we are using a water-tube boiler, we can have the production of steam at a lower weight-per-pound unit. Further; another advantage of water boiler is that pressure of steam will be raised rapidly. Water boilers can respond to the change in load in a flexible manner and can operate efficiently to generate high-pressure steam.

2. Cast-Iron Boilers

Cast iron boilers are made in three types, one-piece, vertical section and horizontal section. We can assemble a majority of these sectional boilers by using grommet steel or push nipples. Some cast-iron boilers can also be assembled by using screw nipples and external headers. The vertical section iron boilers are made by using vertical sections which are placed like slices in a bread. The horizontal section boilers are made by using stacking the horizontal sections like pancakes on top of each other.

Fire-tube Boilers

The functioning system of a fire-tube boiler is opposite than the water-tube boiler. In a fire-tube boiler, the combustion gases are found inside the internal structure while water is passed around these gases through the external structure.

Fire-tube boilers can give us an advantage of simple construction and less rigid water treatment. However; these boilers do have disadvantages as well. The steam generated by fire-tube boilers has a high weight-per-pound unit.

Types of Fuel Used In Boilers

The configuration and settings of the boiler are the most important whether you are using a fire-tube boiler, cast-iron boiler,  water boiler or any other type of boiler. However; the most important factor than configuration is the type of fuel you will be used to provide an energy source to the boiler. The fuel helps in reduction of cost, increases efficiency, emission and reduces the emission requirements.

There are different fuel types of boilers.  No matter which boiler you are using, one of the fuels mentioned here will be used by the boiler. The fuel of the boiler can be diesel/fuel oil, solid fuel, natural gas, electricity, and biomass.

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