All our services have one thing in common. We make your business run better. 

Guide Installation Service

Service Content: Check the customer's on-site goods, complete the whole process of installation, commissioning, trial operation and official operation. Term setting: Execute according to the contract. Service details: Our company guides the installation and commissioning of the boiler to ensure the boiler installation quality and commissioning smoothly (service fees are strictly in accordance with our company's charging standards).

Regular Return Visit Service

Service Content: Meet the customer's requirements to carry out the necessary repairs, and collect the feedback information period setting: the first half of the purchase after the use, return once a month; purchase and use within two years; quarterly return visit; purchase for two years After that, return once a year. Service details: return visits by means of regular door-to-door and telephone calls, to understand the customer's use of the product, to listen to the customer's opinions; to provide quality services to the customer in a timely manner.

Free Training Service

Service Content: Train user side staff time limit: according to the training situations, the trainees are skilled in operation, can only be allowed to operation. Service details: Regularly hold training courses every year, freely train boiler operation management personnel for users to ensure stable and safe operation of boilers. (A separate training course is provided for users with a large number of staff.)