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Transportation – land & marine

The constant steam produced by boiler and released by locomotives can keep the train run...
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Food industry

Boilers are applied in industrial bakeries, butcheries, rendering process...
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Paper/printing industry

Drying tunnels, printing drying, corrugated cardboards, etc.
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Cement industry

Manufacturing of cement pieces
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Textile industry

Swivelling dryers, dyeing, rolling and weaving, etc. 
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Heat supply to buildings

The heating capacity is for hotels, hospitals, skyscrapers, industrial buildings or entire...
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In large laundries, steam produced by boilers can not only get rid of spots and dirt but...
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In brewery, steam produced by steam boilers is used as a heat carrier. Subsequently...
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Medicines manufacturing, vaccines, sterile steam
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Perfumes, creams
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Chemical industry

Reactors and storage
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Oil industry

Heavy oils storage and distribution
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Wood industry

Plywood and melamine processes

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