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How the Steam Boiler Applies to the Laundry Industry?

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The Steam Boiler is essential equipment in the laundry industry. Steam supply is the base of the operation. For instance, the everyday activity includes drying, washing, stereotyping and ironing. The boiler is also useful to produce boil water which you can use for heating. However, the boilers are available in three types which include Electric Steam Boiler, Oil and Gas Fired Steam Boiler.

Electric Steam Boiler

How the Steam Boiler Applies to the Laundry Industry?

In the industry of laundry, it is essential to use boilers for the washing machines. The automatic washing machines, dryers as well as ironing equipment requires steam. The Steam Boiler is ideal for this purpose.

Every industry-based automatic washing machine requires hot steam. The boiler heats the water that will use in this machine. Moreover, the dryer needs steam to do the exchange. Without the help of a boiler, it is not possible to get dry clothes. The steam is exhausted through the fan of the dryer due to which the clothes get dry.

On the other hand, the ironing machine requires steam to heat the roller. When the roller becomes hot with the steam, then it can flat the bed sheets, and quilt covers appropriately. Thus, steam is an essential part of the laundry in the industry.

There are two different methods to produce steam. Both of these methods are the following:

• External Steam Source – The boiler is the external steam source.

• Internal Heating – Electric heating is the internal heating of the washing machine.

The internal heating has a high price, so it is essential to consider the cost. However, the boiler does not have a high price. Also, it can produce steam for heating.

In the clothing plants, the Steam Boilers are used along with the ironing machine to iron and shape up the clothes. It makes them angular as well as flat which makes packaging easy.

Which type of boilers is ideal for laundry industry?

Three types of boilers are present in the market which incorporates Electric Steam Boiler, Oil and Gas Fired Steam Boiler. The ideal boiler for the laundry industry is Electric Steam Boiler. It has high thermal efficiency yet the loss of radiation is too low. This boiler can calculate the steam to heat ratio. It does not have any exhaust going out of the stack. It links to fossil fuel. Furthermore, it is entirely eco-friendly.  

Features of Electric Boiler

As compared to the Oil and Gas Fired Steam Boiler, the electric boiler has many cool features. We mention these features as follows:

• This Electric Steam Boiler is highly efficient.

• It is entirely safe to use.

• It does not make any noise.

• The vertical design of this equipment needs the least floor space.

• It is easy to remove and install the heating components for service.

• This boiler does not emit nitrogen oxides due to which it is environment-friendly.

Final Word

The best Steam Boiler for the laundry industry is Electric Steam Boiler. It is better than the Oil and Gas Fired Steam Boiler. It works efficiently on the industrial laundry scale.



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