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Hot Water Boiler VS Hot Water Heater

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When choosing the right hot water production system, you may have doubts about which device is best to buy. If you need help, then we will discuss the differences between the hot water boiler and the hot water heater. These two heat appliances provides hot water both for commercial or domestic use.

The main difference between the hot water boiler and the hot water heater is that while a boiler feeds the heating installation, the gas heater or an electric water heater only has one function, generating domestic hot water (DHW). The latter, heater and thermos, are distinguished in the way of producing water and its availability.

Hot Water Boiler

The hot water boilers heat the water inside and feed hot water throughout the heating system installed in the home (radiators, underfloor heating, etc.). In addition, boilers can also produce domestic hot water (DHW). electric-hot-water-boilers

Hot water boilers are ideal for use in large residential buildings. They have been carefully designed to offer maximum operational reliability and system availability, whilst offering energy efficient and clean provision of heat.

Boilers, which are full of copper tubes, are complex heating appliances that turn water into steam. They heat water rapidly for two different uses: hot water and home heating and are typically powered by electricity, natural gas, propane or heating oil. A boiler system heats water to the point that it boils, and the steam is used to transport heat throughout your house.

Depending on the production of hot water, the boilers are classified as:

Mixed instant:  generates hot water according to need. It is the most common boiler in homes.

Mixed with accumulator: it incorporates a hot water accumulator that allows it to be available at any time. The accumulated amount may vary from one model to another. This type of boilers is also capable of producing water instantly when the hot water of the accumulator is exhausted and have a similar performance to the mixed instantaneous.

Heating only:  they are not capable of producing hot water by themselves, to achieve this it would be necessary to incorporate an external storage tank into the boiler.

The measurements of a gas boiler are usually 80cm high and 40cm wide. They may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Hot Water Heater

Hot-water-heaterThe hot water heaters generate ACS as it is designed with a system that passes the cold water of the network through a coil that is heated by the combustion of gas. The advantage of heaters is that you can have an unlimited amount of water. Even so, heaters have a production limit of liters per minute and vary depending on the model, you must take into account the needs of your house when choosing the appliance.

The most common capacities are 5, 10 and 15 liters, although there are models of up to 18 or 24 liters per minute.

To calculate the number of liters per minute that your home needs, you must take into account the number of people living at home and the number of points of water consumption (bathrooms, kitchen, and sink) that the house has.

One of the advantages the hot water heaters have over the conventional hot water boilers is that they are smaller in size and can occupy little spaces. However, it is necessary to register with a natural gas distributor or always have a butane gas cylinder available.

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