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Industrial Oil(Gas) Fired Hot Water Boiler

"FUTURE" provides a wide range of industrial oil(gas) hot water boiler for various fields.
  • CLSS
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Industrial Oil(Gas) Fired Hot Water Boiler

1. Brief Introduction:

CLSS automatic oil(gas) fired atmospheric pressure/pressure hot water boiler adopts vertical structure. Fuel is buring under micro-pressure, high temperature smoke in the furnace to complete the process of radiation and convection heat after entering the atmosphere. As heating, living water and heat production to provide endless power.

1) Boiler body is manufactured and inspected strictly accordance with JB/T7985-95"General Specification for Non Pressure Boiler" and some relevant standards, with an excellent quality.
2) Imported high-quality burner (low NOx burner), the harmful components in flue gas is lower than the National Standard (NOx emission is lower than 400mg/m3), so it's environmentally friendly product. Pressure atomization, low noise, high efficiency and safety, (fuel oil) is burning completely, and environmental indicators are in line with national requirements.
3) Boiler body is connected to the atmosphere, equipped with expansion tank, without potential safety problems under the condition of atmospheric pressure operation.
4) Boiler operation is achieving automatic control and automatic adjustment of water outlet temperature.

2. Technical Data:

-85/60-Y. Q
-85/60-Y. Q
-85/60-Y. Q
-85/60-Y. Q
-85/60-Y. Q
-85/60-Y. Q
Rated PowerMW0.
Total Heat10 4 kcal51015203040
Rated Working PressureMPaAtmospheric Pressure
Fuel ConsumptionLight Dieselkg/h5.410.816.221.632.543.2
Natural GasNm 3 /h5.811.717.523.43546.8
LPGNm 3 /h2.557.5101520
Town GasNm 3 /h14.228.342.556.685113.2
Water Pipe Dia.DN506565656580
Return Pipe Dia.DN506565656580
Blowdown ValveDN252525252540
Dimension(L× W× H)mm850 × 760 × 13201010 × 860 × 16001170 × 910 × 18201290 × 1030 × 19801480 × 1180 × 20501570 × 1270 × 2120


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