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Importance of boiler water treatment

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Boiler water treatment and boiler water quality control is to ensure that the boiler safety and economic operation of the important measures to pay tribute. In the industrial boiler operation, due to improper treatment of boiler feed water, knowledge of the phenomenon of heating surface scaling is not uncommon, thereby reducing the boiler thermal efficiency and increase energy consumption. In some cases will lead to heating surface overheating, seriously affecting the boiler life. Therefore, strengthening the boiler feed water treatment and boiler water quality control, to the boiler safety, the economical movement and so on has the vital significance.

The hazards of scale to boiler operation are as follows:

1、 Waste of fuel. When the heating surface wall scaling 1mm, it is necessary to consume 4% more fuel.
2、 Reduce the boiler output. Scale formation will affect the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler, is bound to reduce the output of the boiler.
3、 Cause boiler accident. Boiler scaling, to maintain the normal output of the boiler had to increase fuel consumption, while metal heating surface temperature will rise, and then there will be drum package, bending deformation, will occur when a serious explosion, explosion and so on. Also in the boiler pipe, the scale back to plug the water pipe, affecting the water cycle, which burned the water pipe.
4、 Waste a lot of steel. Scale formation will reduce the heating surface of the boiler, so that the utilization rate of the boiler just drop.

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