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The Order from Uganda Was Completed in August

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In August 2018, we completed an order from Uganda. The customers ordered 200kg/h oil fired steam boiler. It reached 100% satisfaction. We were very glad that our customers were satisfied with the quality and services. Future Boiler always manufactures boilers with superior quality and meets the requirements of various customers extremely. In addition, the customers mentioned that they bought the steam boiler applied in beverage machinery industry.


Steam boilers have a plethora of different purposes and industrial applications, for example transportation, manufacturing industries, food packaging industry, chemical industry, texile industry, heating supply to buildings, oil industry, etc. Without boilers, various processes like cooking, boiling and cleaning processes in all walks of life cannot be completed.


 The Order Was Completed from Uganda in August

The working principle of steam boiler


The heat source produced by boiler is responsible for converting the water to steam. The steam accumulates in a place called the ‘dome’, which is often located above the water storage. Here, steam accumulates as the dome condenses it which in turn grants it a very high pressure.


It is this pressure, directed to where it is supposed to work, which is rudimentary to the working applications of the energy industry as this is what causes heavy equipment to move and turn, such as a turbine. In essence, steam boilers are directly responsible for generating electricity which is by far their greatest application.

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