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How to Fix Hot Water Boiler Leaking from the Bottom?

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If there’s a pool or a puddle of water in your house unaccounted for, that warrants a sense of panic and worry. What went wrong, and how? If it’s your hot water boiler, another question demands to be answered. How do we attend to this? Fret not, let us look into the matter of fixing leaking water!

Possible Reasons for Leakage

A leaking water steam boiler points towards several factors, such as loose valves or the possibility of a corroded tank. Furthermore, it should be noted that not all water which might be leaking is a result of such faults; it can be the result of condensation as well. The first and foremost step to fixing the problem is identifying the type of water leakage. There are generally three kinds – dripping, flooding, and spraying.

Identifying the Fault

If the water boiler is flooding or spraying, the culprit at fault might be the pipes. The chances are that the supply pipes have a leak in them, either in their connections (one node to another) or they have a crack within. In such case, turn off the valve that is the nearest to the leak. This is done by pulling the lever, either above or below the spot, 90 degrees or spinning it clockwise. This will temporarily halt the problem. From this stage, there are two ways to proceed.


Since water boilers have an adequate lifespan and chances are that the one you have is past its due date, it’s either that you replace them or if that’s not in the budget, it’s best to call a plumber and let them have a look and consult with them the best way to move forward.

How to Resolve the Issue

If the water is dripping, the first step is to see where the drip is coming from. Often the case is that the drip is coming from the pressure relief valves and the drain valve. As mentioned above, a common leak occurs due to condensation as well, and due to improper fittings. Water is also common to drip via the temperature-relief valve as well, which is designed to release extra water when it senses that the pressure level is too high.

Reasons for that include that the water’s temperature dial is set too high or that the supply of the water to the house is too strong. Either way, if you sense that the temperature-relief valve is appearing faulty, it is best to have it replaced and can be purchased online.

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