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Top Burning LPG Gas Steam Boiler

1)Steam Capacity: 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0t/h
2)Working Pressure: 8-25bar
3)Running Fuel: Diesel, Heavy Fuel Oil
  • LSS Series (0.5-2.0t/h)
  • 84021900
  • As per boiler
  • 500-2000kg/h
  • -
  • -
Product Description
Top Burning LPG Gas Steam Boiler 

I. Features:
1) Environment protection and energy saving, high heat efficiency
Future boiler has high circulation multiplying power and good heat transfer effect, unit heat efficiency reaches above 90%, smoke exhaust meets the European standard of EN267, being an environmental protection and energy-saving product. Each safety, environment protection, economic and technical performance figure of this boiler reaches advance level of similar overseas products.

2)High steam quality, speedy steam generation and stable gas supply load
Built-in high efficient steam-water separator has the dryness above 98% and can satisfy any steam working conditions. Chamber radiation heat transfer comprised of several rows of coil pipes has high convection exothermic coefficient. At the same time, adopting unique high catch box and high level design, it has large water volume, sufficient steam-water space, and only takes 5-10inutes from cold status to full load running, thus having stable gas supply load, strong load impact resistance, and is esp. Suitable for frequent start and stop working conditions and those with unstable steam load.

II. Technical Parameters:

Model   LSS0.5-0.8-Y.QLSS0.8-0.8-Y.QLSS1-1.0-Y.QLSS1.5-1.0-Y.QLSS2-1.0-Y.Q
Item Name Unit
Rated Steam CapacityKg/h500800100015002000
Boiler Horse PowerBHP3251.26496128
Rated Working PressureMPa0.81.0
Saturated Steam Temp.°C175184
Fuel Consumption  Light DieselKg/h3454.568102136
Natural GasNm3/h3759.274112148
Water Inlet Dia.DN2525253232
Steam Outlet Dia.DN4040505065
Safety Valve Dia.DN404040402×40
Blowdown Valve Dia.DN4040505050
Overall DimensionmmΦ1240x2930Φ1480x3030Φ1660x3110Φ1660x3320Φ1760x3750
Net Weightkg18002760389040304900

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